About Me

Hello fellow dog enthusiast!

Jen here, remember me?

I was the girl in your class who wore dog t-shirts and wrote with a dog pen in her dog notebook. The girl who didn't play with Barbies or GI-Joe's who instead played with dog figurines. Or better yet, when playing 'house' with her sister and cousin, always volunteered to play the 'dog'. (Or for some reason Nona the housekeeping grandma lol) Yep, that's me, I was THAT girl.

I know I am not alone in my obsession, which is likely why you have stopped by. Or perhaps for my resemblance to Jennifer Lawrence?

For continuity sake, let's go with the love of dogs. Pictured above is a picture of me and my first puppy 'Reagan'. We were blessed to get her in September of 2015.

She has grown into quite the little fur lady.

I can't believe I managed to keep her alive this long! Just kidding; actually, that's the reason for this site. I want to share everything I have learned thus far. This is a site for those who are just getting started or perhaps those who are season veterans looking for new concepts/ideas and want to have another resource. 

It must be said and I will put this in bold because it's important that you know:




For the love of DOG (see what I did there?), please consult with your vet before trying anything mentioned on this or any site for that matter. Same goes with behaviour modifications or new products, ask a behaviourist or dog trainer for advice or support.

Please use common sense people.

This site is simply to share what has worked for me in the past and I will share sources so you can see where I learned the information and you can decide for yourself if it merits being implemented in you and your dogs life or lives.