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I offer 1on1 personal dog walking exclusively for our neighbours at 855 Brannan St. Every dog is unique, so is my dog walking!

We can build any kind of dog walking format that you think your dog would most enjoy and can include any combination of the following below:


  •  Playtime at your apartment with a bathroom break
  • 1on1 walk
  • Training walk focused on any behavioural issues or habits you are working on
  • Fetch and games in the dog run
  • Social play time with my dog Reagan who is a 2.5 year old female Ridgeback 
A few other details:
  • I only use positive reinforcement training
  • I use home cooked, chopped, unflavoured chicken for treats
  • Pickup and drop-off direct to your apartment
  • I can give you daily, weekly, or monthly updates/pictures depending on your preference

$30 for 40 minutes of 1on1 time in any format combination you like.


Option 1:  

I will send you bi-weekly invoices for days used that you can pay directly with Cash/Visa/Mastercard/Discover or Venmo

Option 2 (save 10%):

You can pre-pay for the month (and save 10%) where any days that you don't use, can roll over to the next. 

Getting Started:
If you are a first time client, fill out this form and we can book a time to introduce ourselves in person.